See how we help patients understand their medical costs before care.

At FinPay we recognize that healthcare expenses can financially burden any household. That is why we work with your provider to offer multiple payment alternatives to match every individuals unique situation

  1. Single Payments: Checks, Credit Cards, and HSA (Health Savings Accounts)
  2. Automated Installment Plans
  3. Consumer Medical Loans



Be sure to ask your FinPay Payment Specialist which option is right for you.

Your provider may also recommend charity care and other financial assistance programs, such as:



Private Insurance

Before you choose a payment program, check with your provider regarding their eligibility requirements to see if you qualify for their charity care or financial assistance programs. These programs may limit or even eliminate your out-of-pocket medical expenses.


FinPay Payment Specialists are trained and certified to help you navigate your patient financial experience.

Opening a FinPay account is easy

Only after you understand and you are comfortable with the process, your FinPay Payment Specialist will assist you in setting up your account.

It’s that simple!

Three Steps To Set Up Your FinPay Account:

1. Pick your payment program: single pay (credit card, debit cards, check), installment plans, consumer medical loans
2. Accept FinPay terms and conditions and authorizations
3. Everything is automated so you never miss a payment!

You can use FinPay to make and manage your medical payments to any healthcare provider in the FinPay network!


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