The Problem

The financial stability of the healthcare industry depends on managing patient financial responsibility.

Health care is the 4th largest consumer expense

Health care is the 4th largest consumer expense

(USA Today)

Medical debt is the leading cause of debt and bankruptcy in the United States

Medical debt is the leading cause of debt and bankruptcy in the United States

(USA Today)

American families

27% of American families put off or postponed needed medical treatment because of concerns about costs

(Kaisar Family Foundation)

health plan

43% of consumers who are privately insured have a high deductible health plan

(The National Center for Health Statistics)


Total out-of-pocket health care expenses are predicted to surpass $459 billion by 2022 (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Office of The Actuary)

Don’t Let This Be You

The Current State

The National Average for collecting patient financial responsibility is 19%

Most healthcare providers, including our clients, have had Accounts Receivable and collection processes in place for decades. Patient financial management is not a collection problem so expanding collection efforts is not the answer. Post-care strategies will never solve the problem; they only damage your brand image.


“A post-care patient financial management strategy creates profit leaks in your business plan”
– Patient Financial Management Institute

The Answer Is Pre-Care Engagement 


FinPay Results


Patient Financial Responsibility “PFR” Results

88.1% Patient Financial Responsibility Collected 

62% of Patient Financial Responsibility collected “prior” to care

100% Compliant with Consumer Protection Laws

Robust patient payment analytics

Patients routinely thank us for the experience!

FinPay Results




It seems everyone in healthcare today is talking about re-thinking their Patient
Financial Management strategy and the need to manage patient financial responsibility more effectively.

FinPays’ solution will deliver on three primary objectives:

  1. Enhancing the patient financial experience increases Patient satisfaction
  2. Adding pre-care engagement solves the problem before it starts
  3. Automating payment programs increases cash flow and bottom-line
  4. Providing more payment options will remove the barrier of affordability for care

All of these can be achieved by implementing strategies that engage healthcare consumers in a more effective way.


The FinPay Pre-Care Solution

FinPay enhances the patient financial experience by providing the education, transparency, and payment options that make patient financial responsibility digestible and affordable to the patient.

 Risk Stratification
Proprietary tool that reveals the common patient situations that cause financial risk and bad outcomes for the provider.

Financial Clearance Policy Builder
Proprietary tool for creating financial clearance policies and rules engine that target and segment high-risk patients.

Patient Financial Management Playbook
Workflow tool that maps financial clearance policies and rule engine to the educational curriculum, payment options, and scripting for each risk class.

Pre-Care Patient Engagement
FinPay’s Engagement Filter will determine which patients receive an automated engagement experience and which will receive a high-touch engagement with a FinPay Certified Payment Specialist. Our team is  trained in healthcare financial literacy to educate patients about their financial responsibility, cost saving strategies, insurance benefits, and preauthorized payment programs. Staffing and training models are available.

Payment Program Automation 
Patent-pending “set it and forget it” payment automation. Platform originates, manages, and automates all payment program types.

Consumer Protection and Compliance
Digitally capture and store all required CFPB documents and authorizations.

Patient Financial Management Analytics
Robust reporting and analytics provide a clear line of sight along with actionable intelligence to adapt your patient finical management strategy in real-time.

Income Verification and Capacity To Pay Reporting
Proprietary consumer reporting tool utilizing actual internal revenue service tax filings to verify income for charity care eligibility and capacity to pay scores to drive our automated rules engine.


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