Automating Peace of Mind for The Modern
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FinPay is an industry-leading patient financial management platform that re-establishes trust in the patient-provider relationship and bolsters revenue for our healthcare partners.

Our Story

FinPay's story began when our founder experienced first hand the chaotic and overwhelming dysfunction of medical care costs and healthcare provider billing practices. For decades consumers have been forced to tolerate the frustrating and confusing financial experience when accessing care. The lack of cost transparency, financial literacy, and affordable payment options in healthcare has left the consumer scared and agitated, despite the high quality clinical care they receive. FinPay recognized this massive problem must and can be solved. Today, FinPay's solution gives patients clarity where there once was confusion, peace of mind where there was once frustration, transparency where there was once uncertainty, and confidence they can afford the care they need. We have transformed the conversation about financial responsibility for care into a fair, healthy, and transparent trust building patient engagement.

“I was not just another person to collect money from. I felt like FinPay truly cared about our situation and fears. FinPay should be recognized and rewarded.”
FinPay Patient

Meet the Team

The FinPay team is an accomplished group of consumer finance, healthcare and technology veterans. We are transforming the patient financial management landscape with their robust knowledge and decades of combined experience. By putting the patient first, FinPay is breaking the affordability barrier in healthcare by enhancing the patient financial experience through pre-care engagement, expanding healthcare financial literacy, advocating for cost transparency, and offering affordable payment options, all while restoring trust in the U.S. healthcare system.


Tim Kowalski is the President and CEO of FinPay. Tim is a seasoned C-suite executive with 27 years of healthcare experience providing solutions to Hospitals, Payors and Pharma. Tim has successfully led, grew and exited multiple public and private companies.


Christopher Wolfington is the Founder and Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer of FinPay. With more than 30 years of experience in payments, healthcare, technology, and financial services, Christopher is determined to utilize his talents to positively impact these industries. With a keen sense of leadership, he has used his passion, energy and capital to lead numerous business within the areas of payments and financial services, including three public companies.


John Ziegler, Chief Financial Officer, has more than 20 years of senior financialleadership including structuring and negotiating over $400 million in businesstransactions. John uses his decades of financial and operational experience tonavigate FinPay’s rapid growth and maintain FinPay’s position as the leader inpre-care payment and patient engagement.


Lauren Anderson, Vice President of Operations, brings 18 years of operationaland management experience to FinPay. Lauren is responsible for aligning dailyoperations, customer on-boarding, and capacity to scale with FinPay’s corporatemission and vision. Throughout her career, she has maintained the highest performance standards within a diverse range of operational functions, including corporateadministration, HR, and customer success management.


Jennifer Nucci, Vice President of Product, is a former product executive, Clutch, and eBay. Jennifer is responsible for driving the strategy, design,and production of the user experience, features, and functional enhancementsto FinPay’s platform. With vast expertise in B2B and B2C Integration and implementationin diverse industries, Jennifer has a proven track record for succeeding incomplex, multi-task environments.


Stacey Davis is the Senior Vice President of Business Development. Stacey brings more than 25 years of industry experience to FinPay. Stacey believes that in order to restore trust in a health system, patients need to be engaged fully and holistically. Her work is fundamentally driven by the notion that patients have the right to transparency and assistance throughout their care experience—from pre-care engagement through post-care outcomes.


Joe Coyne is the Chief Technology Officer at FinPay. Joe has an extensive background in Healthcare IT, and plays a key role in the design and development of FinPay’s technology vision, strategies, and solutions. Joe believes that it is through great people, processes, and technology that organizations become successful.


FinPay boasts a pre-care patient engagement model that delivers results that are 450% better than the industry norms.

The FinPay team has created a patient financial management solution that is proven to enhance the patient financial experience by making healthcare costs more digestible and affordable for healthcare consumers. The team is extremely proud that thousands of patients gave FinPay a 99% patient satisfaction score for their financial experience with FinPay.

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