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Core Principles

We believe a good Patient Financial Experience will transform healthcare outcomes.

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One of the biggest problems facing patients is the affordability barrier in healthcare.

We empower providers with leading patient engagement & financial management solutions.

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Our Mission

FinPay is committed to solving the affordability crisis in healthcare by enhancing the patient financial experience through patient engagement, expanding healthcare financial literacy, advocating for cost transparency and offering affordable payment options, all while restoring consumer trust in the American healthcare system.

What Drives Us

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We lead the way in patient engagement and patient financial management solutions.

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We’re intent on addressing the affordability barrier in healthcare. We are problem solvers, subject matter experts and support stewards that help patients get the care they need.

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We take pride in helping more than 105,000 patients, our customers and our partners. Our community helps move healthcare forward for patients that otherwise could not afford treatment.

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