Payment Automation Platform

From admissions through discharge, our automated payment platform provides multiple ways for the patient to pay their bill throughout their care journey.

Simplify your patient payments with a reliable payment option that is integrated with your current CRM system.


  • Easy-to-use technology to quickly make patient payments during the admissions intake process.
  • Integrates with your existing CRM system.
  • The last conversation with the patient will be clinical, not financial.

Engage patients throughout their care journey with our mobile engagement and payments solution.


  • Connect with patients with targeted messages for payments, education or reminders.
  • Communicate with patients – before, during and after care.
  • Improve patient satisfaction and patient experience. 

Simple, secure patient payments with a trusted virtual terminal solution so you can spend less time on the financials and more time caring for patients.


  • Process patient payments quickly and easily.
  • Integrate with ease to our virtual terminal payment platform.
  • Receive payments faster with less effort.

Secure online payments solution so patients can self-pay their bill from your website.


  • Make it easy for patients to pay their bills securely online.
  • Payment options include one-time with  major credit or debit cards, FSA, HSA
  • Streamline patient information, payment transactions details and recurring payments to manage cash flow

Better-Engaged Patients Make Better-Paying Patients


95% of patient's cleared by FinPay convert to an admission

Listen to what others have to say about FinPay

“We tried various technology & collection strategies, but FinPay proved that their pre-care solution is the only way to deliver a positive patient experience and also get us paid for the services we provide.”

Deanna - VP Finance

Listen to What Others Have to Say About FinPay

“FinPay ensures the financial conversation is handled prior to care so the last thing our patients remember about our brand is the high-quality clinical care we deliver.”

Kevin - Chief Financial Officer

Listen to what others have to say about FinPay

“FinPay was awesome. Very professional with kindness and empathy. I was not just another person to collect money from. I felt like they truly cared about our situation and fears.”

Patient - FinPay

Listen to what others have to say about FinPay

“FinPay went above and beyond. They were very clear and transparent which is extremely helpful in situations like this. The whole experience put me more at ease.”

Patient - FinPay

Navigate Patient Financial Conversations

Learn how the importance of having patient financial conversations during the treatment admission process

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